Hi, Hello -- Introduction

For those of you who don't know me-- hi, hello! My name is Cassandra (but you can call me Cass). I'm 20, a full time journalism student and I grew up on the West coast but am now living in Toronto. I was also diagnosed with an incurable chronic illness called endometriosis when I was seventeen, which has led me here today.

It’s hard to imagine that when I started this journey 8 months ago that I hadn’t so much as told more than a few friends and family my story. I didn’t like to talk about it. I wanted to pretend I was “normal” and that I didn’t have a story like this to tell.

But the truth is, I do. I have so many stories to tell from this journey-- wonderful revelations and heartbreaking decisions. I have so much to share with the world about my experiences. And finally I have the strength to do it.

It’s time that we talk about this pain. It’s time that we connect and work together on ways to advance reproductive healthcare. It’s time we provide a safe community for people to discuss their pain, hopes and fears. If this helps so much as one person...well, you’ll never see me quiet again.

This is a new chapter for me. One that I feel like I’ve been preparing for my whole life!

We’re changing the status quo. Thank you for being part of it.